Friday, December 12, 2003

Larry Bowa gets extension... The Phillies excercised the 2005 option for manager Larry Bowa and added team options for 2006 and 2007.
Kevin Brown closer to becoming a Yankee... After many days of speculation and rumors, Los Angeles Dodger Kevin Brown has given the initial okay to a trade to the New York Yankees. Kevin Brown would go to the Yankees and Jeff Weaver will go to the Dodgers. In the last two year's of his contact, Kevin Brown is owed $15 million in each season and Jeff Weaver is owed $6.25 million / $9.25 million over the next two seasons. Kevin Brown's contact calls for a private jet, a hotel suite on every road trip and eight premium seats.

Will the Rocket pitch for Houston? Roger Clemens is taking the weekend to decide wether or not he will pitch for the Astros this season along his old Yankee teammate, Andy Pettitte.

However, Clemens was concerned that his Yankees' farewell gift -- a Hummer -- would be taken away if he decided to resume his career.

That's where the radio station comes in. KKRW's "Dean and Rog" came up with a plan: They made a plea on the air Friday morning for a Hummer they could offer to Clemens. Moments later, Hummer dealer and regular Dean and Rog listener Lee DeMontrond called in live with an offer.

An hour later the three hit the road in the Hummer, driving straight to the front door of Clemens' house, where they were greeted by Roger and his wife, Debbie.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I'd like to start a daily routine by going around the majors and just showing you, the viewers some news.

What in Helton? Rockies begin to listen to trade offers from other teams in order to restructer their payroll. This includes Todd Helton AND Preston Wilson...

Player Choice Awards Pujols, Smoltz, Rodriguez, Holladay among some of the players chosen by their peers...

NL Gold Glove Winners Four first timers this year...

AL Gold Glove Winners Four Mariners win Gold Gloves...
I am late, I know but I haven't had a chance to update this blog. I had some surgery on my foot so I can continue to play baseball so I have been resting the last few days.

I'm not going to make an "Aaron Gleeman entry" which is an extremely long entry. I'll probably never do that. I just want to go over the Billy Wagner a little bit.

The Phillies gave up Taylor Bucholz, a top prospect. Taylor has the best curveball in the whole majors but he still needs to work on his change up. He'll be a major league starter one day but in return we got what we needed the most; a closer. We also gave up Brandon Duckworth and another minor leaguer which I don't think is a big deal.

Billy Wagner is a lefty with an ERA under 2.00 and over 40 saves plus he has a 100 MPH fastball. We are hoping that he doesn't turn out like some of our previous closers. He gives us 1-2 good years and then sputters out. The fact is he can't do that because he only has two years left on his big contract. He is getting paid $9 million this year (I think) and an option for next year which is worth $8 million. It was a good trade and we kept unto Cole Hamels and Gavin Floyd!

Sunday, November 02, 2003

As many of you know Manny Ramirez was put on irrecoverable waivers on Thursday which meant any team could pick him up but they would have to take ALL of his huge salary which is worth $101 million, I believe. The only team that could afford Ramirez would be the Yankees but they did not pick him up and the Sox knew they wouldn't pick him up.

A great explanation, if you'll call it that, was written by Peter Gammons.
"What the Red Sox pulled has been widely applauded across baseball. "First of all," says an American League general manager, "it sends a message to Manny to shut up and stop talking about a trade because no one wants him at that price."
I agree with this 100%. Nobody will take Manny at $101 million because he is not worth it. This is hopefully my first entry of many. I'll be back tomorrow.

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